High-end products, high-end application, and high-end markets: low noise, large diesel-powered screw air compressor obtained an overseas contract at a value of over 3 million USD


On August 7, 10 high power super-low noise diesel-powered screw air compressors are ready for shipment, to be followed by another 32 units that are currently being manufactured at full speed. The total value for those compressors is over 3 million USD.


The contract is so far the biggest contract obtained by Kaishan outside China, and is also one of the best-value contracts.


Unlike electrically powered screw air compressors, the market for large diesel-powered screw air compressors has long been monopolized by 2 or 3 multinational companies. Over the recent years, Kaishan has been making persistent endeavors of technical innovation and of penetrating into high-end international markets, has been continuously introducing in world first class science and technology talents, and has acquired good quality companies of western developed countries, in order to promote its realization of strategy of internationalization. Kaishan has now become a company having key technologies in various compressors and having international influences. In addition to leading the domestic market, Kaishan’s high-efficiency, high-pressure, high-power, diesel-powered screw air compressors have also been making progress in overseas high-end markets such as North America, South America, Australia, Middle East, Russia, etc.


The purchaser of the big order is one of the largest mariculture enterprises in the world, having tens of large seaside farms in various locations of the world and which has been using diesel-powered screw air compressors from a top brand in the world. At the time of equipment replacement and upgrading, the customer has chosen Kaishan’s products, which is attributable to the good teams of Kaishan’s overseas subsidiaries who are ready to take on difficulties, professional and hard-working, and also reflects Kaishan’s inner strength and its brand influence.


The requirements made by the order are very high, because of the special application. The compressed air will be used to add oxygen for fish inside the fences, to transport food to bottom of the seas for fish, and to transport the fish during harvesting. The units will be mounted on barges floating on the sea, should be able to resist the swinging force from winds and waves, should be able to resist corrosion, and can only contain minimum oil content in the compressed air. The requirement on noise level is very high, because the level is required to be at nearly 72 decibel, which is a level that can only be achieved by low-power electrically powered screw air compressors. The noise requirement is for keeping a noise level not disturbing to the residents or to the fish at rest. This demanding high requirement scared away some bidders from tendering. According to public information, large diesel-powered screw air compressors on domestic and overseas markets usually have a noise level of above 85 decibels.


For diesel-powered screw air compressors, every decibel reduced means an achievement hard won, however, Kaishan has the capability and the confidence. This is not the first time Kaishan’s diesel-powered screw air compressors have been used by overseas fish producers.


The time spent on participating in the tendering, entering the round, technical clarification, and signing of the contract was over 2 months. The engineering team and the manufacturing team of Kaishan had a very short delivery period, therefore they worked very hard and efficiently to accomplish confirmation of the technical proposals, drawing designs, and sample units manufacturing and debugging within 1 month. The customer arrived on July 23 to have a serious and rigorous inspection. After a whole afternoon of inspection of various performance indicators, the customer was very pleased with the results and requested us to produce the products at full speed for a delivery as soon as possible.


As the batch delivery goes on, Kaishan has expanded its presence in the international high-end market for large diesel-powered screw air compressors, which lays down a foundation for increasing Kaishan’s shares in similar markets or Kaishan’s opportunity for its products to be applied in tough environments.