A team led by Special Assistant to Vice President of Indonesia visited Kaishan Group


The relish of good wine attracts guests even if it is located amidst alleys. Not long after the completion of the construction of Kaishan’s first modular geothermal power plant in Indonesia, a team led by Mr. Mahammad Abduh, Special Assistant to the Vice President of Indonesia, which included geothermal director from Indonesia Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry and leaders from Indonesia state-owned Geothermal Development Company, paid a special visit to Kaishan in China. The visit was a great success.


Kaishan has top level modular geothermal power generation equipment for which Kaishan owns the proprietary intellectual property rights. Its innovative technological route is reducing the threshold of geothermal development, and is changing the competition situation where a few companies monopolize the complete set of geothermal power generation equipment market.


Kaishan’s practice of geothermal power development carried out in Indonesia SMGP project has proved the advantages of Kaishan’s modular geothermal power station, such as shorter construction period, lower development costs, higher efficiency in power generation, longer actual annual operation time, etc. Kaishan is one of the small number of domestic producers producing large scale complete equipment able to compete globally and having competitive edges. In addition, Kaishan’s equipment is well able to resist disturbances, which has been demonstrated by operation on small unstable power grid due to the unavailability of large power grid connection


Kaishan’s proprietary intellectual property rights modular geothermal power generation technology and equipment show technical and economic advantages, and countries rich in geothermal resources but suffering from inhibition of economic development due to shortages of electricity are seeking for technology and equipment like those from Kaishan to solve the problem. It is at this backdrop that the team led by the Special Assistant to the Vice President travelled long, tiring distances to China to visit Kaishan in spite of the heat in summer.


The team visited Kaishan’s industrial parks in Shanghai and Quzhou, the power generation stations located in a company in Jiangsu and in Jiangyin. During their visit, Dr. Yan introduced Kaishan’s modular wellhead geothermal power generation stations, had exchanges and interactions with them, and answered questions they raised about the technology, application, construction and financing regarding modular wellhead geothermal power generation. The Indonesian guests highly praised the power equipment developed and manufactured by Kaishan. Indeed, the early made in China left a bad impression in Indonesia, but Kaishan’s efforts are changing the old perception, redressing the reputations of made in China.


The visiting team thought they had had a very successful visit, and had come to conclusions that: Kaishan has leading research and development capabilities, top class equipment manufacturing system, and good management skills. Kaishan’s innovative modular wellhead geothermal power station has significant comparative advantages. These advantages combined with high efficiency demonstrated by the existing project in Indonesia and accumulated project development experience will enable Kaishan to contribute greatly in Indonesia’s efforts in accelerating geothermal resources development and utilization which powers and promotes Indonesia’s economic and social development.


The global economy is currently at a turning point. Kaishan’s strategy is to transform into a global company with more revenue generated in markets outside of China and with more sales denominated in US dollars or Euros. The path chosen by Kaishan has been proved right by reality. We have seen the dawn light of future success of our transformation efforts while we understand that the way ahead has difficulties.


The Indonesian guests’ visit was accompanied by Mr. Cao, the chairman, and Dr. Yan, the General Manger. Tang Feifan, mayor of Quzhou City gave the visitors a reception.